Time flies,the New Year is also coming.In this new year,let's take a look Fantasy wig’s little buddies.See how they feel about the New Year and their vision.


ONE:New Year is approaching, the voice has been flooded

General Manager Yi:The end of the year means the beginning of the new year.The new year has many goals, plans and visions to share with everyone,and work together.Now is the excitement of waiting for the arrival of the New Year,very happy to be able to enjoy the country's holidays, so that we and his family have a happy time.

general manager Zhan The mood is relatively calm, has been preparing for a series of work before the holiday.In fact, the heart is still looking forward to the New Year home and family reunion moments.Visit my parents, give them some new clothes and food to honor them.

Administration Department Mary:New Year 's coming soon, I feel that the time will always be very slow, the past will feel too fast.My heart is happy and full of hope.

Production director Ju:Very excited, want to quickly finish the work of the hands, and then go home early to see family, spend more time with them.

Marketing director Xiao Zheng:I feel very relaxed, want to go home to breathe fresh air.

Members of Foreign Trade XiaoHong:Now I feel both nervous and excited.Tension is because there are a lot of knowledge to hurry to learn, excitement is pleasant holiday is coming.


TWO:The new year, What you want to change

General Manager YiThey can plan more to participate in relevant learning activities, and led the team together into the learning atmosphere, so that everyone together faster and better growth and realize their own value, the company completed the common goal.

General manager Zhan2017, I hope I can better coordinate and manage the design and production of the work of these two departments.Then there is a new breakthrough in the design of this module.

Foreign executives lan:Want to lose weight.And then work on the ability to have a greater improvement, to achieve their set performance goals.

Administration Department Mary:The new year is a heavy sail the opportunity to hope that they can still keep here.More active at work, not only quantitative change, but also a qualitative leap in their own thinking and ability to work to the appropriate target, the work can not flutter, respond freely.

Production director Ju:Hope that the new year,my language can be a decent expression, work a little more calmly ,and work to a higher level.

Department of Design Xiao Mei:Get rid of their shortcomings, and constantly learn new knowledge, so that there will be greater progress.


THERE:Blessing has been sent to the hope that in the front

General Manager Yi :In the new year, I wish overseas customers in the cause, work on a higher level.Hope that all employees can enjoy this rare holiday, spend more time with his family.Finally, I wish you all good health, family happiness, Happy New Year!

General manager ZhanI wish the company all the small partners in the new year in good health and you can complete your desired goal.

Foreign executives lan:I wish everyone good health, happy every day, all the best.And  wish the company business is booming.

Members of Foreign Trade Xiao ling:I wish you 2017, Happy New Year, family happiness, Chicken down! I wish the company business is booming, Wealth a lot!

Department of electricity Ming:Wishing the company a new year of business is booming, Wealth a lot. Bless you all good health, good mood, good luck.

Department of Design Xiao Mei:Blessing all my colleagues in the company Happy New Year, good health, family happiness.

Finance Department Hao:I wish the company goods such as rotation, business is booming, we are in good health!

Marketing director Xiao Zheng:Hope that the company there are a lot of income every day , and then open a snack canteen, free of charge to us, wages quadruple.

Marketing Specialist Xiao Qiu:I hope the company better and better,and hope the small partners in the new year can achieve their own goals.


In this offer the company specially taken to celebrate the New Year small video, please click on the link in the case of WIFI watch ~


Finally thank the company over the past year all the small partners of the company's hard work, but also to thank all to care about our business friends at home and abroad, your support and certainly the company continues to move forward.

The new year,Fantasy Wigs,fighting!


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