China Factory Adjustable Anti-Slip Buckle Strap Ear Hooks Adjustment Buckle Loop Ear Mask Hook

1. Main features-stylish design: light weight, sterile, using environmentally friendly silicone materials, which can be autoclaved, easy to clean, unlimited reuse, non-allergic, perfect fit to your head, maximum comfort, Wrap-around design, adjustable belt, tasteless, long service life, etc.

2. Extensive compatibility:Our universal replacement helmets are compatible with masks or face shields of the two-point connection type.

3. Washable and durable:The headband is made of durable flexible silicone material, which can be repeatedly washed without bending, abrasion, curling, peeling or other types of degradation.

4. Functional design: The product is designed with a semi-circular arc at the hook, which is most convenient for wearing around the arc design. It can form a smooth inner surface and is unlikely to cause irritation or abrasion to the skin. The three round holes in the middle can be used as hanging holes, and they can be hung on walls, wardrobes and other places with hooks, which are clean and tidy.

5. Instructions for use: Hang the mask lanyard on any hook of the mask partner, and adjust the tightness freely according to the size of the head.

Available Colors

  • #1 #1
  • #613A #613A
  • #T1762 #T1762
  • #T2104 #T2104
  • #TF2201 #TF2201
  • #TF2317 #TF2317

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